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本文摘要:三年级英语上一篇图文已分享,请打开链接三年级英语人教版一二单元试卷检测(附谜底)拿给孩子做做四年级英语PEP(三年级起)四年级下册Unit 1 My school单元测试卷一、读单词,判断字母的发音,相同画“√”, 差别画“×”。


三年级英语上一篇图文已分享,请打开链接三年级英语人教版一二单元试卷检测(附谜底)拿给孩子做做四年级英语PEP(三年级起)四年级下册Unit 1 My school单元测试卷一、读单词,判断字母的发音,相同画“√”, 差别画“×”。1. ( ) apple grapes cake2. ( ) snake face playground3. ( ) bag cat hat4. ( ) arm artroom garden5. ( ) canteen fan library二、读一读,排一排。

1.Do you have a garden?2.Thank you .3.Welcome to our school .4.Yes ,this way please . This is our garden .5.Oh!Your school is beautiful !6.Look !This is the teacher’s office . That is my classroom.( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )三、选择合适的谜底回覆问题,把序号填到前面的括号中。1、( ) Let’s go the library.2、( ) Where is the teacher’s office ?3、( ) Do you have lunch at school ?4、( ) How many desks are there in your class?5、( ) Is that your pencil ?A、Yes, I do.B、Yes, itis.C、Forty-six.D、OK.E、It’s on the first floor.四、连词成句。1.This computer my is ._________________________________2.teacher’s Is desk this a ?_____________________________________3.it Yes is , .______________________________________4.the is library That .______________________________________5.on It’s first the floor ._____________________________________五、阅读明白,选择合适的选项。Welcome to my school. There are 30 classrooms in my school. Look, this is a big playground . In this building(大楼), you can see the gym, the library and the art room are on the first floor. There are many story-books and picture books in the library. You can read books in it. My classroom is on the second floor. It’s big and clean. I like it.( )1、There are _____ classrooms in my school.A、thirty B、thirteen( )2、The playground is __________ .A、small B、big( )3、The library is on the _____ floor.A、first B、second( )4、My classroom is _____.A、clean B、small( )5、I _____ my school.A、don’tlike B、like参考谜底:一、× √ √ √ ×二、3 6 1 4 5 2三、D E A C B四、1. This is my computer . 2. Is this a teacher’s desk ? 3. Yes , it is . 4. That is the library . 5. It’s on the first floor .五、A B A A BPEP(三年级起)四年级下册Unit 2 What time is it?单元测试卷一、凭据图片,选出对应的单词或短语。

A. get up B. breakfast C. go to bed D. dinner E. English class1.( )2.( )3.( )4.( )5.( )二、选出差别类的一项。( )1、A.five B.time C.four( )2、A.lunch B.dinner C.home( )3、A.PE B.English C.now( )4、A.breakfast B.eat C.drink( )5、A.get up B.go to school C.next to三、单项选择。( )1、____ time is it now ?A.What B.What’s C.Where( )2、It’s time _____ breakfast.A.to B.for C.in( )3、____ go to school .A.Let B.Let’s C.Lets( )4、It’s time _____ get up.A.to B.for C.in( )5、-- _______ -- It’s two o’clock .A.Where is the library ? B.What time is it ? C.Where are you from ?( )6、Look !It’s seven _____ .A.o’clock B.clocks C.o’clocks( )7、Dinner ____ ready.A.is B.are C.am( )8、It’s time for ______ .A.go to school B.Chinese class C.get up( )9、-- What time is it ? --______A.Oh, let’ run B.Just a minute C.It’s 5:00( )10、Look ___ my clock .A.at B.in C.on四、短语搭配。

( )1. Time for breakfast. ( )2. Time for P.E. class ( )3. Time for dinner . ( )4. Time for music class . ( )5. Time for English class . A.have some chickenB. read and writeC.drink some milkD.sing and danceE.jump and run五、请给问语选择合适的答语。( )1.What time is it ? ( )2.Where is your classroom? ( )3. Let′s run. ( )4.Do you have a library? ( )5.Is this your schoolbag? A.Yes , it is.B.It′s on the first floor.C .It′s 10:30.D.Yes , we do.E. OK.六、连词成句。1、is,time, what , is (?)_______________________________2、over, is, school (. )_______________________________3、time, PE, for , it’s , class (.)_______________________________4、It’s, to, time , get up (.)________________________________5、is, breakfast, ready (.)________________________________七、选择正确的翻译。( )1、现在几点了?A.What’s this ? B.It’s nine o’clock.C.What time is it ?( )2、到上学的时间了。

A .It’s time to go home.B.It’s time to go to school.C.It’s time for lunch.( )3、让我们去操场吧!A.Let’s go to the playground. B.Let’s go home. C.School is over.( )4、It’s time for music class.A.到唱歌的时间了。B.到了吃早饭的时间了。C.到了上音乐课的时间了。

( )5、It’s nine o’clock .A.9点了。B.8点了。C.10点了。

八、阅读漫笔,判断下列句子的正(T )误(F )。Hello, I’m Zhang Peng. I usually get up at 6:20.Now it’s 7:00. It’s time for breakfast. It is sunny outside. Then I go to school at 7:20.It’ 9:00. It’s time for math class. I like math. I have lunch at 12:00. The food is yummy! It is 3:15. I have PE class. It is cloudy. We can go outside.( )1、My name is Zhang Peng .( )2、I usually get up at 7:00 .( )3、It is sunny outside in the morning .( )4、It’9:00. It’s time for music class .( )5、It is 3:15 . It’s time for PE class .参考谜底:一、1.B 2.E 3.A 4.C 5.D二、1.B 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.C三、1.A 2..B 3.B 4.A 5.B6.A 7.A 8.B 9.C 10.A四、1.C 2.E 3.A 4.D 5.B五、1.C 2.B 3.E 4.D 5.A六、1.What time is it?2.School is over.3.It's time for PE class.4.It's time to get up.5.Breakfast is ready七、1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.A八、1.T 2.F 3.T 4.F 5.T五年级英语PEP(三年级起)五年级下册Unit 1 My day单元测试卷1.英汉互译。

(1)on the weekend _____________________(2)have music class _____________________(3)go hiking _____________________(4)go to school _____________________(5)爬山 _____________________(6)晨练 ______________________(7)探望(外)祖怙恃_____________________(8)起床 _____________________2.选择题。(1)I often play sports. ________ I visit my grandparents.A.usually B.Often C.Sometimes(2)It's 7:00 p.m. Let's eat ________.A. breakfast B.lunch C. dinner(3)—What do you do on the weekend?—I like music. I often ________ on the weekend.A.play football B.playthe piano C.playsports(4)I often ________ my homework ________ 6:50 in the evening.A.do;in B.does;at C.do;at(5)Thank you for ________ me.A.helping B.help C.helps(6)Let's go ________ together.A.hike B.hiking C.swiming(7)_______ do you get up in the morning?A.What B.When C.Which(8)— Thank you very much!— ________A.That's good! B.You're welcome! C.Me too!3.为下面的句子选择正确的汉语翻译。( )(1)When do you do morning exercises?( )(2)I usually do morning exercises at 8:30.( )(3)When do you play sports?( )(4)I usually play sports at 3:30.( )(5)When do you eat dinner?( )(6)I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.( )(7)When do you get up?( )(8)I usually get up at 12:00 noon.( )(9)What do you do on the weekend?( )(10)I often go shopping.( )(11)How about you?( )(12)I often go hiking.A.我晚上七点吃晚饭。



4.看图填空。(1).I often _____________.Sometimes I_____________.(2).I often _____________ on Saturdays.Sometimes I_____________.(3).I often _____________and_____________ on the weekend.5.补全对话。A:Hello,Zhang Peng._____(1)_____B:I'm fine,thank you.A:Today is Saturday._____(2)_____B:I often play sports.Sometimes I read somebooks._____(3)_____A:Usually I visit my grandparents._____(4)_____B:We can play sports together next Saturday.A:_____(5)_____A.What do you do onthe weekend?B.Sometimes I playsports,too.C.How are youtoday?D.Good idea!E.How about you?参考谜底:1.(1)在周末  (2)上音乐课  (3)去远足  (4)去上学  (5)climb mountains (6)do morning exercises (7)visit grandparents   (8)get up 2.(1)C (2)C (3)B (4)C (5)A (6)B (7)B (8)B 3.(1)J (2)E (3)K (4)I  (5)B (6)A (7)C (8)L  (9)D (10)F (11)G (12)H 4.(1).play the piano,go shopping (2).climb the mountains,play sports (3).visit my grandparents,go hiking 5.(1).C (2).A (3).E (4).B (5).DPEP(三年级起)五年级下册Unit 2 My favourite season单元测试卷一、选出每组单词中差别类的一项。

( )1.A. swim B. favourite C. pick( )2.A. what B. white C. why( )3.A. spring B. summer C. season( )4.A. paint B. best C. draw( )5.A. windy B. snow C. rain二、补全单词,并将中文意思填在括号内。1.spr_ ng ( ) 2. s_ _son ( ) 3.wint_ _ ( ) 4.wh_ch ( ) 5.b_st ( ) 6._ _tumn ( ) 7.s_mmer ( ) 8.sn_ _ ( ) 三、凭据图片写词组。1. _________________ 2.__________________ 3.________________4. ___________________ 四、单项选择。

( )1. _____ season do you like best? A. Which B. What C. Why( )2. I can go _____ every day. A. swim B. swimming C. swims( )3.I like spring__________.A. good B. very C. best( )4.Summer_________ good.A. is B. are C. does( )5.In winter, I can_____________.A. play in the snow B. swim inthe sea C. fly a kite( )6.I ______like winter, it’s too__________.A. don’t; hot B. don’t;cold C. doesn’t; cold( )7.—— _______ you favourite season? ——Spring.A. Why B. What’s C. What( )8.What’s the weather like in Hainan?A. It’s sunny and hot. B. It’s windy and cold. C. It’s warm and cold.( )9. I__________ swim in the sea. A. like B. like to C. to like( )10.You can________ fresh apples. A. pick B. like C. shop五、为下列句子选择相应的答语。( )1.Why do you like winter best?( )2.When do you go to school?( )3.What’s the weather like in autumn?( )4.What do you do on the weekend?( )5. Which season do you like best?( )6. Why do you like spring?A. Summer.B. I often go shopping.C. It’s windy and cool.D. Because I can make a snowman.E. I go to school at 8 o’clock.F. Because I can fly kites.六、情景外交。Chen Jie: What’s your favourite season, Sarah?Sarah: ______1_____.It’s always windy and warm.Chen Jie: Why do you like spring?Sarah:________2_____________. __________3______________.Chen Jie: Winter.Sarah:_______4___________.Chen Jie: Because I can skate.Sarah: Let’s go skating together on this weekend.Chen Jie:_______5____________.A. Why do you like winter?B. Because I can plant flowers.C. Spring.D. Which season do you like best?E. Ok.七、连词成句。

1.best, autumn, like, I ( . )____________________________2.best, you, like, season, do, which (?)____________________________3. hot, is, in, summer, it (.)_____________________________4.do summer why you like(?)_______________________________5.in, I, snow, the, play, can(.)_______________________________八、阅读对话,并判断句子正(T)误(F)。Wu Yifan:What’s your favourite season?Chen Jie: Spring is my favourite season.Wu Yifan: Why do you like spring?Chen Jie: Because I can fly kites. Which season do you like best?WuYifan: I like winter best. When it snow, I can make a snowman.( )1. Chen Jie’s favourite season is summer.( )2. Chen Jie likes flying kites in spring.( )3. Wu Yifan likes spring too.( )4. Wu Yifan likes winter best. Because he can make a snowman.( )5. Chen Jie likes spring best.参考谜底:一、1.B 2.B 3.C 4.B 5.A二、1.i,春天 2.ea,季节 3.er,冬天 4.i,哪一个5.e, 最好的 6.au, 秋天 7.u,夏天 8.ow 雪三、1.make a snowman2.go swimming 3.pick apples 4.go on a picnic 四、1.A 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.A6.B 7.B 8.A 9.A 10A五、1.D 2.E 3.C 4.B 5.A 6.F六、1.C 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.E七、1.I like autumn best.2.Which season do you like best?3.It is hot in summer.4.Why do you like summer?5.I can play in the snow.八、1.F 2.T 3.F 4.T 5.T更多资源关注@宝姐姐的教育小感!。



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